Contemporary-styled terraced house, Bristol

Thom and I got so excited about working on his interior design project that we started it a long time before he actually bought a house. There were a few parameters to work with and those were meshed with his own likes, dislikes and ideas. We then developed some initial style-boards illustrating lots of possible schemes and put them to one side until the time came.

Buying a Victorian Terrace in Bristol’s St Pauls, he attacked a full-on updating process with much energy. We started re-looking at visuals to work through what could be taken forwards.

As with the best design projects, the environment evolves over time, with the initial ideas still feeling right.

To make the most of each space, a lot of colour is used in rooms and halls, while stairs have been kept white and gallery-like. The lounge has dramatic dark shades which are lifted by gold and bronze accessories and lush plants. The kitchen is compact and bijou and the main hall is airy and welcoming.

A huge amount has been accomplished already with some rooms to be completed, such as the downstairs playroom and the bedrooms. The ideas have been really well received and it’s been a fun project.