Hello !

Yes, it’s a Christmassy-type blog. I hope you’re enjoying the festive season and are knee-deep in party food 🙂 Although I’m in the interiors business, it’s not a blog about how to decorate a Christmas tree or what nibbles to serve with a Negroni.

It’s also not about Instagram-worthy Christmas dinner table spreads as a lot of people don’t really live like that.

It’s the time of year where we gather up our loved ones for jolly times of being, eating, laughing, drinking, gaming, feeling replete and lounging. We design rooms to make these activities more enjoyable, so here’s a list of 10 items which will support your Christmas fun at home.

Our top ten items:

  • I’ve been addicted to these Daylesford Fig candles for a few years ever since my Mum
    got me one for my birthday. Life is too short for rubbish candles and the choice is
    pretty overwhelming. Stick with what you know, I say. These have an outdoor
    freshness, lovely deep notes and are deliciously heady, though not cloying. They are
    available from Ocado. Yup. Feeling pretty middle class right now.
  • Vintage glasses. We all live near a second hand shop and they all seem to sell second
    hand glassware. Sometimes these are beautifully patterned and very pretty, brightening
    up a table and making drinking water or cocktails even more interesting.
  • Isn’t silver cutlery a bit dull and cold looking? Make way for burnished gold
    , guaranteed to bring warm vibes to any table setting.
  • Orange Smarties: my brother let me into this one. It’s possible now to buy tubes of
    just the orange variety. YAAAS ! Available from most supermarkets from around 99p.
  • A lovely new blanket to snuggle under. This would makes a great present as well as
    something lovely for your guest room, or to hang as wall art. I love Lucy Tiffney’s
    blankets and would gladly have them all. These will sell out
  • A large ovenproof dish that lasts and lasts is a great present (for someone who likes
    cooking). OK, not the most exciting present, but something that will come out when
    doing a meal for large groups and therefore likely to be connected to a whole heap of
    good memories. John Lewis predictably has a great selection.
  • A brilliantly simple and round-of-applause-worthy invention is the IKEA MOSSLANDA shelf.
    For around a tenner, suffereth a small, bare wall no longer. On these shelves you can
    happily create a little montage of both small and large frames as well as a little
    curation of mini items, perhaps in a Christmas theme. I reckon they are genious and
    so cheap it would be wrong not to.
  • While in IKEA, pop a box of kafferep into your basket. You won’t be sorry,
    they are lovely with a cup of tea and you’ll feel like you’re in Sweden (well, kind
    of …).
  • Faux plants have obviously landed big time and help us avoid curtailing the life of
    actual plants. I’ve got a checkered history with indoor plants unfortunately, though
    will keep working on it. There are some hit and a lot of misses in the faux plant
    world. On projects, my extensive research has shown that the best are from Marks and
    Spencer. (I know, came as a surprise to me too). But here they are and they go a long
    way to brighten up a space.Hope you like the ideas and that they are perhaps able play a small role in your home this Christmas.

    If though, this Christmas the set-up of your home makes you go ARGGGGGHH, resolve to never put yourselves through it for any further Christmases. Find out how we can completely rethink your space and make it your happiest happy place.