We also design kitchens from scratch, working with local suppliers for construction works, supply and fit.

Your situation:

You would like to start again and rethink your kitchen. You’d like some help on where to start, what the options are, how a new layout could work and what materials / finishings feel right. You need to know how to get this done, who with and what it would cost.

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How it works:

We arrange a consultation your home talk it all through and understand more about your likes, dislikes, needs and style. Photos and measurements are taken. We then send you a quote and once approved we work on the following, which is presented back to you a few weeks after.

We produce a document which includes:
2 x concepts
ideas for specific challenges
layout ideas
ideas for all surfaces / lighting etc.
run through of this and a few amends
communications with trades people to scope it out

then, as a second stage:
3D drawings
pricing and stockists

So, essentially it would give you everything needed to start work on your new kitchen space, whether taking it on yourself and receiving support from us.



What’s the next step?:

Please view our calendar to set up a 15 minute call to help kick off the project. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started.

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