Your situation:

Your have a room (or rooms) which you would like to completely redesign and are looking for a professional plan for how to do this.

TME Interiors_2 Cliftonwood livingroom-0415

How it works:

A project like this starts with a consultation at your home. This is where we will find out what’s on your mind, ask questions, start to work out your style and take photos and measurements. We’ll then have everything we need to create a design plan.
We’ll send you a detailed quote within 48 hours and once you are ready to go ahead we will work on a pack for you which includes:

We will run through this with you, and if there’s anything you aren’t 100% sure about we will relook at things. Once you are happy with our designs, they are yours to implement.


A complete plan costs £650 per room.

What’s the next step?:

Please view our calendar to set up a 15 minute call to help kick off the project. We look forward to hearing from you.