Homely Victorian terrace, Bristol

This Victorian terrace was purchased in 2011 and the owners set about making it feel like home. It’s a welcoming place, filled mainly with vintage furniture or newer designs with a British feel. Special belongings and art work well here and people remark on its relaxing vibe.

The original bones are kept, the reception rooms having been opened up by a previous owner who ran a sculpture business from here. We’ve worked through each space, linking them together. Most walls are a version of white. Original features and lots of wood fittings have been brightened up with blue and green furniture and furnishings. Lighting has been carefully used to create inviting pools as well as brighten up more functional areas.

The main bedroom is a calm space with light blue, grey, cream and white. The bed set up was inspired by the slickness of a hotel room. Interest is introduced with some quirky pieces and the space provides a decent place to escape from our marauding toddler where possible.

Rather than overhauling it, the bathroom retains some original features, such as the basin, and we’ve improved on the features and furnishings to make it a blend of old and new.

It’s the first home I created with the couple and a special place to come home to.