I recently worked out that I’ve moved house nearly 25 times. Even thinking about that is exhausting. We’re not actually moving house but I thought putting some less than obvious tips form experience might be handy. Moving house is a full on time and people don’t always have the energy to think straight.


Before moving

  • Begin at the top of the house and move downwards
  • Start with the hardest bit first. If you have an attic, hit that first
  • Always put heavy things in small boxes for listing purposes
  • Give your removal firm a floor plan for your new property so they know exactly which room to place the boxes and furniture in as they unload. Oh and make sure they have a key
  • Think about what else will be useful, such as strong tape, bubble wrap, and self-seal bags for keeping nuts and bolts together. Save old newspapers for lining boxes. A fantastic moving kit can be bought from Kite Packaging
  • Here’s a great list from Money Saving Expert about questions to ask the sellers. Everything from “Where is the stopcock?” (titter) to “What day do they collect the bins please?”


We’re in ! What happens next?

  • Pack an ‘essentials’ box for the first night in your new home and carry it with you. Instant access to coffee, tea, snacks, cups and a kettle may be welcome soon after you arrive. As will plates, utensils and a kitchen cloth.
  • Prepare an overnight bag for everyone in the family, and make sure that there is enough toilet paper and toiletries for everyone
  • Other useful items that should be kept close to hand are a torch, a first-aid kit including pain relievers, pencil and paper, and re-closable plastic bags, along with a small tool kit
  • Avoid putting boxes straight in the loft or they’ll run the risk of simply following you, unpacked, to the next place
  • Make sure all the items and fixtures and fittings that were included in the sale are present and correct. If anything is missing, contact your solicitor ASAP. If there are major faults with the property that were missed in the survey, alert your surveyor as soon as you can
  • Take meter readings and check that electricity, gas, water, heating, phone and intruder alarms work

And, finally…

… relax! Forget about unpacking for the night, open the champs/prosecco/cava and make a toast to your new home. Hooray !