I think you’re either a beige person or you’re not. No idea where, when or how this trait comes into play but I do believe it is a thing. There are some beige things I like.  Some fudge is beige for example, sandy hair can sometimes be a little beige, and all manor of cute animals are also beige.

In interior design world, an all beige room can look a little generic, a little practical, not loved or full of life. My parents have beige rooms. That is obviously OK and not something that would ever stop me loving them (that would be a little ridiculous). It’s possible that it’s a generation thing, or something people who don’t really care about interiors would choose, and that also is OK. Perhaps beige is chosen as a backdrop for the life that will be lived in a home, which is great, but I do believe if you loved your home just a little tiny bit, you wouldn’t make it predominantly beige.

It just seems a little unthought through. Why have beige when you can have colour? For those moments when you are absent-mindedly staring into space, or just having a rest, do you really want to stare at… beige?

Beige can seem a little cheap. Maybe it’s cheap to create beige, therefore cheap to manufacture beige products and easier to make money. DFS use it for example. Ikea uses it. It can’t be a coincidence that cheap kitchens, or the desks you get in corporate offices are made of that awful beige woodthatisn’twood stuff. Shudder. A lot of businesses have it and I have in the past felt, when I’ve sat down to a desk like that, my creativity being sucked out of me.

If it’s neutrals your after, there are other sheaths of neutrals to play with. Creams, whites, pale greys… or if you’re feeling more daring, dark colours like inky blue could work as your backdrop to layer things against.

Beige be gone ! We aren’t here for long so might as well fill your life with colour.