My other half (a ‘Digital Guy’ by career) mentioned a Netflix series to me this week. It’s big in the design world. It’s therefore brilliant, covering areas like illustration, architecture, shoe design… and a whole host of other design fields.

I try not to watch much TV. A great film maybe or a BBC at 9pm On Sundays type series. But if you are learning something it’s fine I reckon. (Surely?)

I did watch the Interior Design episode featuring Ilse Crawford. I have always had her as my no. 1 influence though did’t realise she did the original Soho House or was the first editor for Elle Decoration.. or maybe I’d seen her name and it went into to the old noggin subconsciously. Anyho… i watched it and took notes (not my normal TV-viewing thing) as so much was covered about approaching projects. She explained her and her team’s human approach to the work and it was a total pleasure to watch. She explored how humans are drawn to materials via their senses and how her team listens (to clients) and asks questions but are careful to not constantly talk on projects. It was also interesting to hear her explain how her rooms are focussed on how they make a person feel… subtle and sensual, tuning into your well-being and gentle joyfulness. This sounds so obvious, but it rings true. Ever walked into a room that makes you feel either bad, or nothing at all? Yep. Plenty of those around unfortunately. She opened her episode with the stat ‘We spend 80% of out time inside buildings.’ Isn’t it worth getting it right?