This is the time of year when, if you have an interest / or career in interior design and are writing a blog post you are meant to talk about the big interior design trends this spring. I’m not so into that as people with far more reach and influence than me have already done that sort of thing and so this info isn’t that hard to find.

With clients I would always feel a bit ‘lite’ passing on design direction and plans that were purely ‘on trend.’ If they have tasked me with the worthy role of creating them a home to love then I think it should last a lot longer than a season.

More usefully, hopefully, we’ve seen a big trend lately for people who just need a bit of help finishing off a few things in a few rooms. The perfect curtains, a couple of pieces art, light fittings… ‘Arg !’ they tell me, ‘I’ve looked at so many things now and don’t know where to look next. I can’t find the perfect thing, I’m going round in circles and I’m now feeling a bit frustrated.’

Our Walkthrough service
In response, we have designed a new service for people who just need something light touch, are a bit busy, aren’t sure where to look (or have had enough of looking). It’s £290 for 6 items. You can find out more here.

Or here are a few ways you could do it for yourself:

Take a step back to work out what you like and dislike.

If this is really hard empty the room and get rid of everything that might be closing your view.

If colour is what is wrong, is there a colour that you could love there a colour you really like? One way forward is to choose lots of different hues which harmomise well, and when ready layer in another favourite complementary colour.

Be really honest about the room. Is it something big that needs changing? E.g a carpet? Curtains? If you dislike it now you probably always will so best to get rid of it. Floorboards / a rug can be a much better bet and it doesn’t have to cost loads.

Choose fewer, well-made items rather lots of cheaper ones. We all love a bargain but filing your home with tat will just be a short-lived thrill.

If you’re not sure what to do, just start in a simple way. If you see something you really love buy without hesitating if you can – you won’t regret it. The rest will come and you can build it around the one piece.

Find out more about our Walk through service

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