Basically.. well, yes ! It is your home isn’t it, so is pretty much up to you after all.

Feature walls have been going strong for some time and like all things there’s a line between it looking beautiful, or somewhat less than beautiful.

This is something we get asked about quite a bit, so felt it was worth putting down our thoughts on them.

Things to consider if you’re thinking about doing one:

  • It’s not just about that one wall. A feature wall is part of a scheme, rather than something out there doing it’s own thing
  • It doesn’t have to be a blank wall. In fact, it can work better to choose a wall which already has some kind of feature. For example one or two alcoves, a mantlepiece, or wonderful windows with a view
  • The actual feature you’re adding doesn’t have to be just paint or wallpaper. It can be texture, artwork, hangings, shelves with display, lighting… it’s good to think creatively about the wall and what you want the feature to be… which often starts with the question ‘why do you actually want a feature wall?’
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  • A feature wall doesn’t have to be the one you first see when you enter a room, in fact it can be a great surprise for it to not be
  • It’s hard to make a feature wall (shall I stop saying ‘feature wall’ yet?) work in a small room. There’s not really enough room for it to fully stand out, so best keep it to a large room with space to breathe
  • Something to be aware of is that a feature wall in warm colours like red or orange tend to bring a wall towards you, so it’s good to avoid this if you want it to feel spacious
  • For me, the best accent walls are subtly rather than vastly different and stealing the attention away from everything else. One puts a lot of love into designing a room, so why minimise all that care and attention
  • Have fun putting yours together.

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