TME Interiors_ Packer Way_Bristol Interior photography by Chloe Edwards-65

Hello there

A quick email to wish you the very best in your particular set of circumstances. ‘Swings and roundabouts’ would seem to sum up the general situation in our home currently. 

I had to chuckle to myself when I noticed yesterday that the gin bottle had weedled its way into the frequently used cooking condiments  / oils next to the stove. 

As a parent of a non-stop, school-aged child there’s certainly a lot less available time, so another big thank you to patient and understanding customers who we are in the middle of projects with. Work-wise we are doing everything digitally which has been working well as the only option available right now.

 Like everyone, we’re looking forward to hearing this week what plans there are to start coming out the other side. That and of course sending feelings of gratefulness to front line heroes. 
Lastly we wanted share a few articles related either to being at home, or to interior design which have offered a brief distraction.

Be well. Every day is a day closer to coming out the other side X


TME Interiors

How to travel to Spain without leaving the house. An interesting one which attempts to recreate  the UK’s fave travel destination at home.

  How to clean the 10 things annoying you the most, via the Guardian, and for anyone who has anything left to clean. 

  Stylish creatives working from home.  Could be an idea or two here? Who knows… 

  The instagram account of Bristol Amazer The 5 O’clock Apron who is making fantastic family meals, mostly from store cupboard items. 

The View from my Window facebook group. Here, people post their own view, adding where they are in the word  and a few words to make it more personal. Quite a nice thing to dip into. Feels connecting even if just for a few moments to see others’ perspectives.