Complete renovation of kitchen diner

Wow this project was really efficient for something very involved, mostly due to the clients being very focussed and having a great builder contact. Our role here was to provide a strong starting point in terms of colours, an overall theme, the right kitchen and a layout. There was a lot of trust and open communication too. A really nice result and a fantastic review.


What they said: ‘We engaged Teresa to bring some clarity to our thinking for our new kitchen diner and dining room. At all times she was courteous, friendly and polite.
It was particularly useful seeing colour schemes and layout examples which allowed us to narrow the field and reach a decision we were comfortable with. This took some time and Teresa was very patient throughout!
We were also keen on making things simple and we ultimately used Wren as supplier for the kitchen units and asked Teresa to accompany us which absolutely helped in establishing consensus. With Teresa’s guidance we went in to the Wren arrangement fully briefed! The Wren side of things worked excellently (employed our own fitter who we know well) and sitting here a month later we have a fantastic space which has transformed our home – with the wonderful kitchen island my teenage family is communicating again!!!.’

S.E., Cirencester, August 2021


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