I don’t know if anyone else has this fascination but i sometimes see a stylish person and wonder what their homes are like. PLease indulge me for just a sec. I’m not so into fashion. As someone in their mid forties who has worked out what suits them and is mostly dressed for speed (chasing a 2 year old) or comfort (working at home) what is in fashion from one season to the next is not so high on my list.
How people style their homes though is totally different as it’s more about how they like to live and how they spend their time which is so much more interesting than what they look like. Architectural Digest is a great place to exercise this curiousity (ahem, nosiness even?) and see the amazing homes that money can buy. The place that dreams are made of.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 15.11.33

There are some many fantastic homes in the world that are inaccessible to buy for most. I’ve always lived in modest ones myself. I guess that is where Airbnb comes in, as you can have yourself a big slice of something you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

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Style-wise though, it doesn’t come much bigger than Kate Moss. She currently lives in a mansion in Highgate. I actually went on a pilgramage there to George (Michael’s) house a she was my biggest musical idol in my early teens. Sigh… It’s a private road. Her’s is a massive mansion tucked away in north London that used to be where Coleridge lived. The wonderful writer so shmooshed his days away on opium. Can’t help wondering if that was part of the attraction.
But anyway…here it is and it’s super styled like her. The luxury of so many rooms to play with would feel like luxury. It’s attractive to know that Miss Moss’s style is really classic, unflashy and full of depth and history. Worn rugs, old wooden furniture and antiques seem to dominate the place. Makes her even more stylish I think.

Photos by architectural digest.