Is it here yet? Are we there yet? Can I put my coats and scarves away now? The English winter is sooo long isn’t it?. It drags on forever. One warmer day means you turn the heating down but the next day, nope, it’s freezing again. But hey, let’s not talk about it. Let’s talk instead about easter bunnies, pastels, warmth, green everywhere and putting the spring back into our homes.

It would be somewhat crazy to redesign our homes with every season, but rethinking things slightly can make a big difference and match our spring or autumn moods. All the problems we have buried under rugs or left sulking in dark corners in Autumn come back out and remind you that they still need to be dealt with. Christmas decorations are long packed away, re-exposing our spaces, and daylight is working its way back into our homes, showing up any flaws. The chances are if you see something you don’t like anymore you’ll always feel like that.

Here are some ideas to help us bond with our homes again.

Move stuff around. I used to do this in my teenager bedroom. On a good day it can make you feel like you’ve moved house (albeit briefly) by making it feel like a new room.

If something about your house bugs you in summer it will most certainly bug you in winter too, so it’s best to tackle it.

Get rid of things. Honestly as you get older, it seems easier to do this. Probably because you know more about what you like and dislike. If however you’re not 100% sure that you don’t ever want to use something again, and you have room, it is kinder to put it in storage. One day you might feel better about it, or one of your family or friends might like it.

Get a cleaner. £40 every two weeks isn’t much to pay to make you fall in love with your home again, especially if you’re anything like us and not very good at staying on top of cleaning.

Fresh spring flowers and candles can really enhance a space.

Buy something new. Something you have had your eye on can really make you feel happier about a room.

Paint a room this spring. Taking a weekend to tackle a room is worthwhile if it makes you start use a room differently and welcome it back into the fold.

Cleaning your windows will obviously max the amount of sunshine coming in for all of the spring feels, as well as have more glimpses of blue sky from within.

Make a list of all the DIY jobs that need doing and if you share your house with someone, split them between you.

If however it’s more serious than this and your space needs a rethink this spring, a restyle and a new look and you’re not sure where to start, we can help you with that. Find out here how you can transform a room from a visual strategy to a shopping list for just £350. Have a look at some of our current projects and see how we’ve helped others transform their homes.